Orange JeOS Quick Start Guide

Orange JeOS ("Juice") is a "just enough operating system" (JeOS) built from the popular CentOS distribution. This JeOS eases the building of hardware, software and virtual appliances. Orange JeOS install images can be as small as 200 MB and yet provide a fully functioning Linux operating system, with networking, security and the RPM/YUM package tools all supported. The Orange JeOS Project currently generates several flavors of install or virtual images - including Core, GUI, VMware and Xen versions, but for this short tutorial we will detial the building of a Orange JeOS Core ISO.


The Orange JeOS build environment depends on the following:

  •   - Runs on a CentOS 5 or RHEL 5 system

  •   - Requires 900 MB of free disk space

  •   - Requires the following packages:
    bash, anaconda, anaconda-runtime, wget, rpm-build, yum-utils, syslinux

  •   - Initally requires an internet connection (for repository access)
  • Installation

    The Orange JeOS Builder comes as a single RPM package which can be found on on the project site:

    And the RPM can be installed with the following command:

       rpm -Uvh oj-builder*.noarch.rpm

    Orange JeOS ISO creation

    root access is not necessary to build an Orange JeOS ISO. In your home directory build a new oj build directory:

       mkdir -p $HOME/oj_builder
       cd $HOME/oj_builder
    Next run the script with the default OJTYPE of core.
       bash /usr/share/oj-builder/ core
    This will create a few new directories and a shiny new ISO in the form of: OJ-A.B.C-D.iso where A.B.C is the version and D is the release.

    This is the ISO which can be used to install an Orange JeOS Core Linux appliance on any standard x86 machine.

    Next you can use this ISO with virtualization software or burn it to a CD-ROM with something like K3B.

    Once the build_oj script has been run one time, an internet connection is not required for subsequent builds. The no-IP command line would look like the following:

       bash /usr/share/oj-builder/ core 1