Key Features of all Orange JeOS Flavors

  •   Based on the popular CentOS distribution

  •   Open Source (both installer images and tool-set)

  •   RPM Package / YUM Repository support for updates

  •   IP v4 network support

  •   Small installer image size

  •   Small target system footprint

  •   Modest target machine resource requirements

  •   Community support is available through our forums and the bug and feature request trackers.
  • Additional Features of Orange JeOS GUI

  •   X11/Gnome supported

  •   Automatic login supported
  • Additional Features of Orange JeOS VMK

  •   Native Virtualized target provided (VMware Server format)

  •   VMware ESX format supported (with SCSI support)
  • Additional Features of Orange JeOS Xen

  •   Virtualized target provided (Xen format)
  • Read Our Manifesto

    The Project Manifesto includes the core philosophy of our take on the "Just enough OS" and the roadmap for the Project.